Science and Christmas Periodic Table

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Science and Christmas Periodic Table Decorations

Why not try something different this Christmas with your scientists and create your own periodic table inspired Christmas decorations/revision cubes…
Product Code: SCI/C8F/02

Science KS3 or KS4 Students
x 4 Different versions of the activity available
x1 Set of examples of finished element decorations from the periodic table.
x1 Copy of the periodic table

This will last a full hour by the time you get students to research their chosen element, collate the information and decorate their cube and then cut and stick it all together. The only extra resource you will need is some string cut up into smaller pieces (1 per student)

This informative, fun and engaging activity will be a great way to celebrate the end of term and Christmas with your young scientists.
Product Code: SCI/C8F/02

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