Secondary PSHE – Super School 5 Year Package Brochure KS3 – KS4

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Brochure about the whole school PSHE Package KS3 and KS4

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FREE BROCHURE –  Secondary PSHE – Super School 5 Year Package – 200+ Lessons 

Describe this package in a sentence…

A complete curriculum for PSHE which will help any new or existing PSHE HOD set up and supply a secondary PSHE department with a brand new curriculum that has been made by a team of experts in consultation with a range of specialists from different fields and mapped against the latest DfE Statutory guidance on RSE and Health.

What kinds of things are included?

But as a snap shot….

28 PSHE Fully mapped Units with a clear spiral thematic approach from Year 7 all the way to Year 11

Six PSHE units per year group with the exception of year eleven who have four units 

185+ Powerpoint Lessons (Fully editable) 1 per week for every year group (roughly 6-8 per unit) 

Each unit contains: Powerpoint Lessons, Worksheets,  A Work Booklets, Assessment Opportunities , Links to External Support services, Mindfulness Activities, PSHE project (KS3 only) , A Fun Team Quiz, Homework Suggestions and much more 

You will also Receive a dedicated PSHE HOD folder that amongst other things will include your Excel tracking document you can show Ofsted and School Governors how your resources meet all the new Statutory requirements and a Self Audit PSHE Tool to assess where else across the Curriculum PSHE content is being covered – We also provide a model example of how to complete it from one of our schools. 

How do you build in ‘PSHE Assessment’ Opportunities?

We have developed our own 6 point approach to assessment and tracking PSHE – these include but not limited to

  • Graffiti Learning Journals – Informal 
  • Work Booklets – SPaG
  • End of Unit Quizzes – Knowledge 
  • Cre8tive PSHE Free Mobile App – Measures progress in a quantifiable way – Export reports 
  • PSHE Projects – Employability skills and Careers Linked 
  • Confidence Checkers – Measures progress in a quantifiable way  
  • Precious gemstone ratings and graduation certificates (mapped to projects, quizzes and our mobile App

How do I know the quality of what i’m getting is fit for the needs of my school?

No ‘off the shelf’ PSHE package can be perfect and resources will need from time to time differentiating and adapting to suit the needs of your own school and students. This is why we provide everything in a fully editable format so you can pick and chose the content you need. We have a suggested method of delivery and order but everything comes in nice half termly blocks so you can adjust to your schools needs / timetable.  As a team we have  been working hard for 18+ months developing this package. We can easily say that over 5,000 hours have been put into developing, what we believe to be, one of the most modern, exciting, up to date and adaptable PSHE curriculums available to buy. 

We trialled all our resources in a successful secondary school. We developed and launched a  PSHE department from scratch and saw the huge impact our resources and approach to PSHE  had on winning staff, students and leaders over to the importance of the subject. We then used this period to refine, amend and adjust our resources and curriculum offer. This way we are able to to best meet the needs of students in 2021 and beyond!

We have a dedicated team here at Cre8tive Resources but we have also worked with a variety of outside experts who specialise in specific areas including but not limited to; A Prevent Officer, PSHE HOD’s, Citizenship HOD’s. an NHS Assistant Psychologist, Two Mental Health Experts, A Female Menstrual Health Educator, An independent Careers advisor, A Former Police officer, A Head teachers, Wellbeing and mindfulness experts and more..  

But of course don’t just take our words for it… please read the reviews of other schools, leaders and teachers who were early adopters of the Cre8tive Curriculum PSHE approach last year.

(Please take a moment to check out all our Reviews HERE – Click on Reviews)

We are also more than happy to send you sample materials, Planning documents or put you in contact with a school that uses our PSHE Curriculum. We have over 400 across the UK and beyond. Download an Extended Health & Wellbeing 2 hour sample lesson here 

We also have excellent customer service and support and are always at them end of a friendly email. 

How will this PSHE curriculum package be delivered?

  • This package will come as a USB in the post (detail the exact recipient in the notes section during check out)
  • You may now choose instead a 24 HOUR DIGITAL TRANSFER  (Request this in the notes section during checkout and provide the teacher recipients email) 

What payment methods do you accept?

  • We accept WEBSITE PAYMENTS – Credit cards, debit card and Paypal on this website page!
  • We accept CHEQUES

Payments for SCHOOL PURCHASE ORDERS will be accepted via BACS, Cheque or Paypal.

Please download the information you need to complete a purchase order below 

If you require Cre8tive Resources CIC’s  full financial details in order to set us up as a new supplier to your school or trust   please email t[email protected] and we can send you over the documentation 
Also email if you have any FAQ’s or bespoke requirements or call us on 07591810146
**For the quickest access to your resources we suggest you opt for payment via website and request in the notes a digital transfer and specify the teachers email address.

How is your Cre8tive PSHE Curriculum mapped ?

You will be provided with a very detailed Excel mapping document showing all our lessons mapped to the following 

  1. DfE Statutory RSE (by specific section)
  2. DfE Statutory Health (by specific section)
  3. Gatsby Benchmarks (Mainly No. 4)
  4. CDI Framework (17 Point framework)
  5. PSHE Association Core themes 
  6. PSHE Association Thematic Builder *NEW 
  7. The Welsh PSE Framework 
  8. literacy – New vocabulary mapped (Now built into the Cre8tive PSHE APP)
  9. Cre8tive PSHE Framework 

What sets Cre8tive PSHE apart from the other Secondary PSHE providers?

  • We have a unique spiral thematic approach to PSHE that runs from Years 7  Year 13 
  • We Designed our PSHE Curriculum after the new statutory framework was announced by the DfE for RSE and Health 
  • No annual subscription fees / No hidden charges / No escalating prices depending on users  
  • One time payment and the resources are yours for your establishment to use, edit and adapt for your students ONLY. 
  • We provide huge discounts for SEMH & PRU schools and those with a roll of 150 or less students (Email us for more information)
  • We have a new PSHE and Wellbeing App that students can use on their tablets or mobiles that underpins our assessment framework
  • We have a unique clear assessment framework with a 6 way targeted approach to measure progress 
  • We offer PSHE and Careers projects to improve employability skills 
  • You gain access to the PSHE Academy – Described as  ‘One stop shop for FAQ’s about PSHE education’ 
  • We are not for profit community interest company. We re-invest our profits in supporting SEMH, PRU’s, NQT’s and making more great products
  • The CEO of Cre8tive Resources is a leading PSHE and Citizenship Teacherpreneur with over 10 Years’ of Experience in the field and a proven track record both in and outside the classroom.  


Detailed content list 


40 PSHE (Careers, Citizenship, Statutory RSE, Statutory Health, British Values) Lessons for Year 7

40 PSHE (Careers, Citizenship, Statutory RSE, Statutory Health, British Values) Lessons for Year 8

40 PSHE (Careers, Citizenship, Statutory RSE, Statutory Health, British Values) Lessons for Year 9

40 PSHE (Careers, Citizenship, Statutory RSE, Statutory Health, British Values) Lessons for Year 10

28 PSHE (Careers, Citizenship, Statutory RSE, Statutory Health, British Values) Lessons for Year 11

✰  6 PSHE (Enterprise, Careers and PSHE) Homework Projects for Year 7 –  With optional Assessment Criteria

✰  6 PSHE (Enterprise, Careers and PSHE) Homework Projects for Year 8 –  With optional Assessment Criteria

✰  6 PSHE (Enterprise, Careers and PSHE) Homework Projects for Year 9 –  With optional Assessment Criteria

TOTAL = 18 Homework Projects – Covering many aspect needed for Outstanding PSHE provision

✰  6 PSHE End of Unit Quizzes for Year 7

6 PSHE End of Unit Quizzes for Year 8

6 PSHE End of Unit Quizzes for Year 9

6 PSHE End of Unit Quizzes for Year 10

4 PSHE End of Unit Quizzes for Year 11

TOTAL = 30 Team Review Quizzes

6 PSHE Student Work Books for Year 7

6 PSHE Student Work Books for Year 8

6 PSHE Student Work Books for Year 8

6 PSHE Student Work Books for Year 10

✰  4 PSHE Student Work Books for Year 11

TOTAL = 30 Student Work Books


  1 x EXCEL Document Mapping all lessons against PSHE Association, DFE Guidance on Statutory Health and RSE

✰  3 x Graduation portfolios for Years 7-9

✰ Reward Postcards & Reward Certificates

✰ Set of Loyalty Reward Cards for Students

✰ Curriculum Mapping documents

✰ Health & Wellbeing Posters

✰ 5 x Graffiti Learning Journals

✰ 1 x PPT CPD session on Project Based Learning

✰ Lots of card sorts that support the lessons


✰ Set of Entrance and Exit tickets

✰ 2 x Escape Room Activities

✰ Over 20 Different Short Mindful activities and thoughts


✰ Curriculum Overview Sheets

✰ Monitoring Reports

✰ Raffle Tickets

✰ Behaviour for Learning Warning Cards

And much much more T&L ideas

Benefits of this Curriculum Package

Thousands of hours of someone else’s expertise and time

A curriculum that is fresh, new & engaging and pushes the boundaries of what PSHE can be and designed by Teachers for Teachers

Colourful, engaging and high quality PowerPoints and Workbooks and Card sorts

100% Editable and customisable to your school

Differentiation is built into it by tasks and outcomes

Spiral thematic approach that is easy to understand

Fully mapped against the latest DfE and PSHE Association Guidance

Can be taught with no printing at all – Pick and chose activities in each lesson that don’t require printing.

Easily use exercise books instead of Work Books –

A range of options to conduct assessment (Assessments designed with our own Precious gemstone ratings (Amber, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond)

This product will only be allowed to be used by yourself and teachers within your school and under no circumstances should be shared/ copied to others and should not be uploaded to any public shared drives or Facebook Groups. Cre8tive Resources can only continue to exist and support PSHE teachers through people purchasing items.



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