Shakespeare Escape Room Bundle

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Large bundle of Escape Rooms. This bundle contains 3 Rooms with assorted activities.


Huge Shakespeare Escape Room Bundle of escape room challenges / resources and lessons. This is a collection of unique digital print and play escape rooms. Every student loves to solve a mystery. This brand new escape room activity will not only improve students’ understanding of Shakespeare’s texts and analytical skills but will hone their problem solving skills, build up their teamwork and leadership skills and allow opportunities to show creativity and resilience. Each escape room comes with a matching digital ppt presentation that the teacher can use to track progress by all the teams and create a real sense of competition


The resources come in editable format so you can amend and make changes to some of the puzzles if you wish.


Contents of Escape Room Bundle

☞ 1 x Escape Room pack for educational topic Merchant of Venice
☞ 1 x Escape Room pack for educational topic Much Ado About Nothing
☞ 1 x Escape Room pack for educational topic Julius Caesar


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