Spanish MFL Careers Posters

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Eight Spanish MFL careers posters. These editable A4 display posters will be great to use in your subject area. You can update them every year to reflect local Labour Market Information and employment trends.


Eight careers linked to **Spanish MFL** A4 display posters. These eye catching and expertly designed careers posters will be great to use in your subject area. They can be displayed or you could use them as stimulus for a careers lesson with a focus on your subject area. We have also included a blank student work sheet your students could use to make their own version of a poster linked to a career that inspires them. We also wanted to provide you as the teacher a blank editable template so you can add to your collection if you wish.

1 x set of 8 Fully Editable Portrait A4 PowerPoint Format Posters – You can PDF them for easy printing and paper set up is A4 portrait.

We provide them in different formats so its easier for printing and you can add your own school logo to them or amend with local labour Market Information / Update them each year as employment trends change.

Contents included
8 x A4 Careers Posters linked to this subject area
1 x Editable Blank Teacher Poster Template

Each of the Eight Careers Poster Includes:
Job Title & Subject Area in Scrabble style tiles
Brief Job Description
Skills and Qualities required (4)
Circular Picture Linked to Job
Example Salary Range
Up to date employment opportunities in the UK (& sometimes beyond) (5)
Qualification that may help (but not necessarily always needed)
Career Development Opportunities
Other Linked Careers

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