‘Starbucks Style’ Loyalty Reward Cards

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‘Starbucks style’ Reward Loyalty Cards – These are fully adaptable/editable for your own subject area and are designed to be printed double-sided on white card or white paper.

Students keep hold of them (in their book bags, top blazer pocket, locker or inside their exercise Books) and are rewards for positive behaviours shown in the classroom. The teacher can either stamp the cards or initial/sign them each time.

They come in two different colours and are fully adaptable in PowerPoint format.

This is a Teaching and Learning Tool to support positive behaviour management in Primary and Secondary schools.

The curriculum overview template has been used for PSHE but can easily be adapted for a range of different curriculum areas

We have also included a quick reference guide to our PSHE 2020 Units available

Our Philosophy
We aim to help you equip students with the knowledge and skills to take ownership of their own learning. our PSHE 2020 Products come ‘Ready-to-Teach’ with everything you need to teach fun and creative lessons. Our products are teacher-designed, classroom-tested & student approved.


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