Substitution into mathematical formulae

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– Functional Skills in Mathematics – Resources and support for students and adult learners who are developing maths skills needed for work and  every day life. Level 2 is GCSE Maths Equivalent


Substitution into mathematical formulae

This is a whole outstanding lesson on substitute into formula. Includes more than you need for a single lesson could be made to cover 2 lessons.

The Learning objectives are to be able to Derive formula and substitute into formula.
(Note there is no re-arranging formula).

Pre-Starter of a revision grid of maths questions (also good for homework). Answers included.
Hook included in PPT how did maths help win the war? Picture of Bletchley park and the Enigma machine. Interesting talking point to leave on the board. Really good around armistice day. British values and E&D link. Commented on by Ofsted.
Starter linked to hook: Crack the secret war time code (by substituting numbers for letters) – Intro to topic. Answers included.
Simple PPT including explanation and real life examples and ABCD questions for use with mini whiteboards to check understanding. Includes video link to show how to substitute and answers to some of the other activities.
Crime style activity putting into practice with problem solving
Tarsia in a pdf for easy printing
Dominoes again PDF for easy printing
Extension Questions
L2 functional skills past paper questions on substitute into formula
Lastly an answer hunt plenary if you have time! ( could be used as the starter to the next lesson)


What are Functional Skills in Mathematics?

Functional Skills Maths is a series of maths courses and qualifications that offer an alternative to GCSE Maths and there are 5 levels with Level 2 being GCSE Equivalent . Functional Maths skills help you to develop maths skills needed for work and day-to-day life.

Benefits of using Functional Maths Skills Resources:
☞ Save plenty of time by having a bank of resources you can pull out for students or adult learners to use
☞ Feel free to adapt, amend and alter to suit your learners
☞ Made by an expert in the field
☞ Students or adult learners can engage with functional maths
☞ Answers and working out for some of the tasks / Questions – Check Description
☞ Detailed Practice Questions and scenarios for student or adult learners to try

  • Apply for a job that requires GCSE Maths pass grade
  • Access higher education
  • Enrol on an apprenticeship
  • To start careers in nursing and teaching
  • To go to University
  • Improve your skills and confidence with day-to-day maths tasks
  • Help your children with their maths homework


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