The Elizabethians History Bundle

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Large bundle of History Powerpoint Lessons all about the topic The Elizabethians. This History unit contains 27 one hour lessons with associated activities.


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Large bundle of History Powerpoint Lessons all about the topic The Elizabethians. This History unit contains 26 one hour lessons with associated activities.


The lesson packs included in this history bundle are:

Lesson 1 Introducing Elizabeth.ppt

Lesson 2 Elizabeth Big Picture.ppt

Lesson 3 Elizabeth’s England.ppt

Lesson 4 The Virgin Queen Handcuffed alternative.ppt

Lesson 4 The Virgin Queen.ppt

Lesson 5 Elizabeth’s Problems.ppt

Lesson 6 Religious Divisions.ppt

Lesson 7 Impact of the Church.ppt

Lesson 8 Puritan Challenge.ppt

Lesson 9 Catholic Challenge.ppt

Lesson 10 Mary Queen of Scots.ppt

Lesson 11 Revolt of the Northern Earls.ppt

Lesson 12 Catholic Plots.ppt

Lesson 13 Catholic Plots Threat.ppt

Lesson 14 England and Spain.pptx

Lesson 15 Drake Provoke Philip.ppt

Lesson 16 The Spanish Armada.ppt

Lesson 17 Interpretations of The Spanish Armada.ppt

Lesson 18 Elizabethan Society.ppt

Lesson 19 Elizabethan Education.pptx

Lesson 20 Elizabethan Entertainment (interpretation).pptx

Lesson 21 Elizabethans Theatres.ppt

Lesson 22 Elizabethans Poverty.ppt

Lesson 23 Reactions to Poverty.ppt

Lesson 24 The Explorers.ppt

Lesson 25 Elizabethan Explorers.pptx

Lesson 26 Drake Raleigh Assessment.ppt


The history learning outcomes are:

  • To understand how Elizabethan society worked and how Elizabeth’s role as monarch fit within it.
  • Synthesise the key events of Elizabeth reign.
  • Explain how Elizabeth used a hierarchical system to keep control of England.
  • Explain why Catholics did not consider Elizabeth a good Queen.
  • Explain why Catholics did not consider Elizabeth a good Queen.
  • Explain why Elizabeth’s early reign was fraught with difficulty.
  • Explain the features of the Elizabeth Religious Settlement
  • Explain the features of the Elizabethian churches
  • Explain how successful Elizabeth’s “middle way” was at solving problems previous monarchs had faced
  • How effectively did Elizabeth use her “middle way” to avoid conflict with the Catholic church?
  • Was locking up Mary, Queen of Scots really the ‘least worst’ thing Elizabeth could have done?
  • How much of a threat was the revolt of the Northern Earls to Elizabeth’s reign?
  • Explore the multiple plots against Elizabeth by the Catholics
  • Evaluate how much of a threat Catholic plots were to Elizabeth
  • Explore the rivalry between England and Spain
  • Understand the origins and purposes of the Spanish armada
  • understand the narrative of the conflict with the Spanish armada
  • Explain why the Spanish armada failed
  • Did people have better lives under Elizabeth?
  • How successful was education in the Elizabethan period?
  • Understand what Elizabethian people did for leisure
  • Understand how theatres in the Elizabethian era were different to those today
  • Understand in what ways poverty affected people in Elizabethian times
  • Explain how Elizabethian society reacted to the poor
  • Why was there so much overseas exploration in Elizabeth’s reign?
  • Explain why the English were successful explorers
  • Compare the significance of Drake and Raleigh’s contributions to exploration


The history key terms covered include but are not limited to:

Monarch Parliament court

Succession Tudors Issues

Hierarchy Social Structure Appeasement

Legitimate Heir Patriarchy

Legitimate Heir Patriarchy

Exacerbate Problem Rebellion

Dilemma Religion Catholics Protestants

Underestimate Catholics Impact

Campaign Puritans Compromise

Lenient Rebellion Compromise

Discontent Nobles Scotland

Grievance, Catholics, Religious Settlement

Unanimous Plot Execution

Sustain Argument Threat

Rivalry Superiority Power

Lucrative Expedition Trade

Consecutively Cannons Conflict

Inevitable Defeat Planning

Rhetoric Society Quality of Life

Aspiration Education Employment

Interpretation Evidence Golden Age

Coarse Humour Theatre

Poverty Harvest Vagrant

Idle Vagrant Unruly

Sophistication Exploration Weaponry

Pioneer Exploration New World

Revere Explorer California


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