The Opening of Parliament

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The Opening of Parliament: Celebrating National Parliament Week? Celebrating 100 years since women got the right to vote?. A range of engaging educational activities students can do to celebrate these events and more. This resource could be used in Citizenship / PSHE / Humanities or form tutor sessions.

Suitable for GCSE Citizenship OCR AQA and EDEXCEL

12 PAGE pack of classroom-ready activities that will educate and engage students.
Suitable for KS3 and KS4 students.
This booklet has been created by a dedicated team of citizenship experts.

This 12 Booklet Contains:

The Opening of Parliament – Sorting Activity Timeline of Events
Parliament Opening – Teacher Answer Sheet
BBC News Reporter
Different roles within Parliament
Roles – Teacher Answer Sheet
Debating topical issues
Political Jargon Matching the correct term to its corresponding definition
Key terms – Teacher Answer sheet
Create a 3D Ballot Box Design Activity
Blank Editable Ballot Papers
Government Minister Profile – Research Activity
Credits and Flipped Learning Opportunities

This resource will engage, educate and motivate your students for National Parliament Week – fantastic for quick and easy planning!


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