Weimar and Nazi Germany History Bundle

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Large bundle of History Powerpoint Lessons all about the topic Weimar and Nazi Germany. This History unit contains 6 one hour lessons with associated activities.


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Large bundle of History Powerpoint Lessons all about the topic Weimar and Nazi Germany. This History unit contains 21 one hour lessons with associated activities.


The lesson packs included in this history bundle are:

Lesson 1 Germany Big Picture.ppt

Lesson 2 Why was there a Weimar Republic.ppt

Lesson 3 Treaty of Versailles.ppt

Lesson 4 Challenges to the Republic.ppt

Lesson 5&6 Challenges of 1923 Assessment.ppt

Lesson 7 Economic Recovery.ppt

Lesson 8 Recovery Assessment.ppt

Lesson 9 Early Growth of the Nazi Party.ppt

Lesson 10 Munich Putsch.ppt

Lesson 11 Growing Support.ppt

Lesson 12 Political Changes.ppt

Lesson 13 – The Reichstag Fire.ppt

Lesson 14 – The Night of the Long Knives.ppt

Lesson 15 – Police State Assessment.ppt

Lesson 16 – Nazi Control.ppt

Lesson 17 – Opposition.ppt

Lesson 18 – Women and Children.ppt

Lesson 19 – Ordinary People.pptx

Lesson 20 – Racial Policy.pptx

Lesson 21 – Antisemitism.pptx


The history learning outcomes are:

  • To create a completed timeline of the key events which happened in Germany from 1918-1939.
  • Did the Weimar Republic solve Germany’s problems?
  • What problems did the Treaty of Versailles cause Germany?
  • What was the biggest threat to the Weimar Republic?
  • Investigate the consequences of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany’s economy
  • Investigate Germany’s recovery 1924-1929
  • Investigate the tools Stresemann used to fast-track Germany’s financial recovery
  • Explain why Hitler carried out the Munich Putsch
  • Explore the factors leading up to the Munich Putsch
  • Investigate the mass unemployment in Germany in the early 1930s
  • Explain why there was increased support for the Nazis in the years 1929-32
  • Explain how the Reichstag Fire enabled Hitler to consolidate power in Germany
  • Explore how discontent in the SA lead to the night of the long knives
  • Explain how Hitler consolidated Nazi control of Germany
  • Compare and contrast the methods used to control the German public
  • Explore how different groups attempted to oppose Nazi rule
  • How did the treatment and roles of women and children change under Nazi rule
  • How did the lives of ordinary people change under Nazi rule
  • Explore the racial policy of Germany under the Nazis
  • To explain the changes to Jewish people’s lives between 1933-39.


The history key terms covered include but are not limited to:

Pact, Peace, Allyship

Imminent, Starvation, Defeat

Pariah, Punishment, Reparations

Impose, Democracy

Sabotage, Industrial, Occupation

Flourish, Thrive, Economy

Recovery, Golden Age, Loans

Prostrate, Grief, Origin

Coup, Power, Violence

Plight, Wall Street Crash, Hyperinflation

Charisma, Manipulation, Political power

Scapegoat, Communists, Reichstag Fire

Dissent, Rebellion

Police State, Enabling Act, Control

Control, Fear, Propaganda

Rebellion, Hitler Youth, Church

Roles, Brainwashing, Restriction

Indoctrination, Public, Mentality

Conspiracy, Antisemitism, Sabotage

Boycott, Financial Sabotage

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