GCSE Citizenship Home Student Learning Pack

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PSHE Work From Home Learning Pack


When your school closes in response to the Coronavirus Covid-19 and needs to provide an education learning from home pack for GCSE CITIZENSHIP Year 11 STUDENTS WHO NEED TO REVISE FOR THEIR EXAMS! We are happy to support.

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We have compiled a 40 Page Student Activity Pack that can be either uploaded to an online learning platform (Showbie, Googleclassroom, school Website) in PDF version or can be printed out in A4 PowerPoint Portrait version by teachers edited and then used as individual work sheets to issue out as tasks or a standalone booklet of activities.

This Work From Home Student Pack Includes:
☞ Fully Editable Portrait Work Booklet (in PowerPoint and PDF Version so no need to have the hassle or worry of the formatting of a word document)
☞ A set of 40 Student Worksheet(s) to be used in a variety of tasks

All members of both Cre8tive Curriculum and Cre8tive Resources have worked on putting this together at short notice to help any teachers with setting work or even cover.


Other support we are offering to schools during this turbulent time includes:

Free £5 Voucher to use on any PSHE Homework Project – Use the code “PSHEPROJECT” on our website at to find all our projects use the search bar and type in C8/PJ

-Email with the next couple of topics your students are studying and we will send you over Work From Home booklets for them.

☞ Best wishes from the Cre8tive Resources and Cre8tive Curriculum Team – Stay safe and look after the vulnerable around you.


Work From Home Activities included in the GCSE CITIZENSHIP Booklet:
1.R & R
2.Legal Age Limits
3.Personal Wellbeing Tips
4.Age of Criminal Responsibility
5.UK Government Departments
6.Rubix Activity
7.Government Departments
8.Budget Cuts and Funding
9.Political Parties and Policies
10.Political Key terms
11.House of Commons
12.House of Lords
13.British Identity
14.Multiple identities
15.Debate Questions
16.International Organisations
17.Media and Free Press
18. Essay Practice
19. GCSE Citizenship App (Coming soon)


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