Year 6 Transition Escape Room

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Fully Immersive Digital Escape Room for Y6 Transition


Brand new Year 6 Transition Digital Escape Room. Why not treat your new cohort or even your Y6 class that are leaving you to something special, fun and educational… (Have Fun , Problem solve and learn about transition in one escape room)

All students need is a pen, paper and their laptop/Computer or iPad/Device and the ability to use Powerpoint to participate.
Estimated to last 45 mins – 1 hour

(The key to it all working is to keep all the locked files and the escape room in one folder – this is why we provide you it in a Zip File to download)

“It’s finally here! Your first day at your new school, starting a brand new year!
You leave your house eager to begin learning and walk in through the doors to your new classroom.
You sit down at your table and finally realise that you haven’t seen another person at all but were just too excited to notice until now!
You check your phone and suddenly it hits you, it’s still only Sunday!
Just as you realise what you have done you hear the door to the room you are in lock! How will you escape ?”

How could you use it

  1. Set it up ready to go in a school computer room – Host a competitive challenge and organise a leader board with escape times.
  2. Send it out to students who can download the files and attempt it in their own time.
  3. Work specifically with vulnerable student or small group of students and set it up on a large projector and solve as a team whilst led by the teacher or TA to discuss the concepts that come up and the transition questions posed
  • Making friends
  • What is transition
  • Differences between primary and secondary
  • Mental Health
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Positive wellbeing .

Hint** Don’t forget the secret passage near the social distancing signs. You wil be able to access a whole new level…

We have been working on this for over 3 weeks now and have to say it’s our best escape room yet!

Escape Room Includes:
(Delete the screen shots we provide – they are not needed)

  • 1x Escape Room containing educational puzzles that will get your students thinking about transition, mental health, making friends and also some extra fun facts thrown in to improve the learning experience
  • 2x Differentiated Student Sheet to print and fill in (or simply use a blank piece of paper)
  • 1x Teacher Answer Sheet (Not to be opened unless you are stuck or have escaped)
  • 3x Locked Files for using the escape room

There is an extra bonus hidden puzzle to solve for the more keen eyed students out there. (kind of an escape room in an escape room for those gifted and talented or eagle eyed students

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