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Think for the Future was established in 2012 to use a data-driven approach to tackle social and emotional barriers to learning. They work in partnership with national organisations to provide schools with innovative solutions to ensure that young people reach their full educational potential.

Social & Emotional Learning – Respect

Respect is an important part of any Social & Emotional Learning curriculum, especially when attempting to positively impact pupil behaviour.

Respect is an important part of any Social & Emotional Learning curriculum, especially when attempting to positively impact pupil behaviour.

What is Respect?

Respect can be defined as “treating people in a positive manner that acknowledges them for who they are and/or what they are doing. Being treated or treating an individual in a dignified manner.

Why is Respect such an important concept for young people in school?

One of our TFTF Mentors Nathan explained what Respect meant to him “When I was growing up my motto was “you have to give me respect, to earn it, however, I didn’t realise how wrong I was at the time. I expected others to respect me before I respected them.”

Activity to try with your students

Give students information about a person and ask them if they respect them or not. Explain that you are going to gradually give them more information. Ask all of the students to put their hands up, and to lower them if they no longer feel they need to respect the person. This can lead to a great discussion around how we need to fully understand the people around us and their situations.


Example Situation: A teacher sends someone out when actually they didn’t do anything wrong. The teacher then gets really angry and sends the student to the Deputy Headteacher.

  1. More information: the class is always talking and it’s a very noisy class.
  2. More information: 9/10 times when the teacher sends someone out, they get it right.
  3. More information: The teacher is very stressed at the moment as they are working a 50-hour week as well as bringing up a young family of children at home.
  4. More information: The teacher’s husband has just lost his job which has added to her stress at the moment.

Discussion Points for teaching the concept of Respect

  1. How does it feel to be respected? Do you want to be respected?
  2. Do you think it’s right that some people don’t show anyone respect unless they receive it first?

    -Discuss the ‘Law of attraction’: This is the idea that ‘what goes around comes around’. If you are disrespectful to other people, they will disrespect you back. If you respect people, they will respect you back. Go out and try it! (Useful video resources “The Kindness Boomerang”
  3. Should you Respect everyone? Or only some people?

About TFTF

We run a Behaviour & Resilience Mentoring Programme in over 70 schools across the UK. Our provision uses our bespoke social and emotional learning curriculum to tackle disengagement in education, improve behaviour, build resilience and reduce exclusions. For more information please email or call 0115 718 0399 ext 703 or VISIT OUR WEBSITE


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