New 2020 Statutory DoE Guidance…Internet Safety in the Spotlight

Posted by Jonny Pelter on 25.02.20 in Guest Blogs

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Schools and PSHE (Personal, social, health and economic) leads in September will need to meet a new set of statuary requirements set out by the Department of Education on RSE and Health Education. In this article, internet safety expert and founder of Jonny Pelter summarises some of the key area's schools will need to focus to meet compliance.


Preparing students for their future

Posted by Karen Reilly on 19.11.18 in Guest Blogs

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The importance of teaching students knowledge, critical understanding and transferable skills.


Financial education is in need of its own bail-out

Posted by Manisha Sahdev on 04.11.18 in Guest Blogs

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How can flipped learning turn the concept of homework on its head and revolutionise the way students think about education, lessons, and homework.


Side Lining of Creative Subjects Needs to Stop!

Posted by Anne Heavey on 03.09.18 in Guest Blogs

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Why schools should embrace creative subjects like music into their curriculums in order to help improve the UK’s future workforce and economy



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