The Minefield which is RSE and Health

Posted by Nicole Antoniou on 22.04.21 in Guest Blogs

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Butterfly Squad’s personal development program is like no other. It arms children with resilience confidence and esteem, tools and techniques for life creating powerful future generations.


Why Mindfulness Should Be Part of PSHE Education

Posted by Lisa-Marie on 10.09.20 in Guest Blogs

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The importance of PSHE and specifically introducing mindfulness as part of a PSHE curriculum in schools


Statutory R(S)HE within PSHE?

Posted by John Rees on 16.03.20 in Guest Blogs

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From September 2020, Relationships and Health Education become statutory in primary schools and secondary schools so now is the time for schools to be reviewing policy and parental engagement and be working out what, when and how are they going to teach.



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