Escape Rooms – a great tool to help assess students’ knowledge and understanding

Posted by on 02.04.21 in Resources

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Escape rooms are an innovative and exciting educational tool that allows students to use their knowledge and learning in a challenging and fun way. They allow students to use their critical thinking and teamwork skills to solve a variety of puzzles - the attraction of this being in the “gamification” of learning!


The Importance of PSHE Education in Schools

Posted by Charlotte Gordon on 09.03.20 in Guest Blogs

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Why is PSHE education important in schools with a focus on mental health


Using Novels to Teach about the Holocaust in Schools

Posted by Sharon Hart-Green on 31.03.19 in Guest Blogs

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If a work of Holocaust fiction is written with historical accuracy, then it can serve as an invaluable resource for teaching about this dark period, especially in schools.


CITIZENSHIP – A Superhero Subject

Posted by Kelly Allchin on 24.03.19 in Guest Blogs

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The value of citizenship in schools to encourage students to be better citizens.



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