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Director Butteryfly Squad

The Minefield which is RSE and Health

Butterfly Squad’s personal development program is like no other. It arms children with resilience confidence and esteem, tools and techniques for life creating powerful future generations.

“If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers, they are societies heroes”.

The ever-growing demands on our schools, teachers, and pupils is affecting mental health.

Teachers are already overburdened and overwhelmed, trying to meet guidelines and deliver what is ‘expected’ in the ever-changing face of education requirements.  Lesson planning till all hours of the morning, paying for resources from their own pockets because headteachers who are equally overburdened are not given the money which they need to meet all expectations required from them from the people up high.

Pupils only just back in school after one of the most confusing and demanding times in their lives.

The world as we knew it only just beginning to start to re-turn its wheels again.

Time to settle in and get back to normal we think.  Nope hold fire on that.

You then get hit with the statutory minefield which is RSE & Health.

Now make sure teachers that you have this nailed, Ofsted will be watching and judging.

Where do I start? What set of guidelines do I follow? How many topics do I need to teach? Is there enough time in the school day? What can be slotted into other lessons?

After scouring the good old web for hours, I was hit with a million pieces of information but no step-by-step formula presented itself or any one place that is clear and concise that helps you deliver it.

What are the topics for RSE?  5 Main topics with 37 separate sections within each topic that pupils should come away knowing. That’s a lot of teaching.  Without PSHE and the rest of the curriculum.

What a minefield.

Let’s take Science as an example. Well that’s sex covered, right?

Ok, do we keep the boys and girls together? Do we have space within the school to separate them? Do we have the available resources e.g. male or female teachers if so inclined? 

Let’s face it, you have all been hit with the minefield that is RSE, all sounds relatively easy on paper, the reality is very different.  You guys are the ones walking the walk, and the walk is real, coupled with an Ofsted inspection looming who knows when?  Parents with a million questions and pupils about to be hit with a whole load of sensitive information.

Ok.  The pupils.  Are they coping?  Do they have the resilience and capacity to process this overwhelming pool of information?  Do they have the tools and techniques to create healthy attitudes and relationships around all of these topics?

How about we give the whole school something that cognitively arms you with all the tools and techniques not only needed for a healthy happy life but arms you with the resilience for these topics.

What if there was something that was so simplified, so effective.  A formula that once followed creates such massive change within the child, has such a huge impact not only on the child but also on the teachers and parents.  What if there was something suitable as a whole school approach that once implemented with no lesson planning impacts mental and physical health and academic outcomes for the school.  Well, look no further.

A product that puts everyone in charge of their own choices, actions, reactions, feelings, and emotions.  A product where you flourish personally and with others.  A product that gives you a combination of personal growth with practical everyday tasks to be a better you.

Butterfly Squad’s personal development program is like no other.  It arms children with resilience confidence and esteem, tools and techniques for life creating powerful future generations.

Making your life and your desired outcomes not only easier but leaving you mentally happy.  What we call living above the line and we can show you how.

This program helps with the minefield that is RSE and HEALTH.

Whoever reads this.  Remind yourselves daily. You are AMAZING and are doing an AMAZING job.

Nicole Antoniou


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