Posted by Maddie King on 04.03.21 in Guest Blogs

PGCE Student Studying at the IoE at UCL Specialising in Citizenship Education

Weʼre raising £2,500 to fund my women’s empowerment expedition to Puerto Morelos

Hello everyone! I’m Maddie, a PGCE student studying at the IoE at UCL specialising in Citizenship education.

My passion for citizenship has grown immensely since the moment I enrolled and in particular active citizenship. I think perhaps this is because anyone can be an active citizen – there doesn’t have to be age limits, economic challenges, and generally any barriers in taking small steps in a community to display good citizenship.

It all starts with a conversation. I noticed that within the first few weeks of my PGCE, I was talking about how potentially controversial topics such as abortion, diversity, gender roles, and many more, were the reason that so many citizens are narrow-minded due to the stigmas of these topics, married with their lack of education and discussion.

I truly believe I have made a positive impact on my family, friends, and colleagues and have opened up their minds to more positive ideologies. My passion continued to grow and I was, and still am, desperate to make positive social changes in society in the wider world – which is where I need your active-citizenship-minded-selves!

This June I am embarking on a four-week women’s empowerment expedition to Puerto Morelos in Mexico, a small deprived village that faces challenges of hunger and gender inequality. I am fundraising for this mission, and to be able to achieve one of my many goals that have been in my back pocket for such a long time.

Of course, I would be so grateful if you could donate to my JustGiving page (you’ll find the link for this below). Alternatively, you can purchase one of my originally designed and handmade t-shirts – you can find the link to these on the link also. But, if you could also share the cause amongst friends and others who have a true passion for this, then I would be so grateful – it really does make a huge difference. 

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