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What Does Great Relationships and Sex Education Look Like?

Great Relationships and Sex Education By Alice Hoyle & Ester McGeeney 200+ Activities for educators working with young people Currently available on Amazon or Routledge (use code BSE19 to get 20% discount)

Two years ago we decided to write a book of lesson ideas for educators who deliver Relationships and Sex Education. One of us is a teacher and the other a youth worker and we both felt that there was a gap in the resources available. We both deliver RSE and train others to deliver and create RSE resources, we know that there are hundreds of fantastic resources available online, in printed guides, in booklets, in some published books, and in peoples heads!

We also know that very few educators have the time to search for ideas or the knowledge of where best to look. Our aim was to draw together all the best ideas and activities that we knew of, update those that need it and add in our own to fill in the gaps. Two years later Great RSE was born. 

The book is an accessible guide of over 200 activities and session ideas that can be used both by experienced RSE educators and those new to RSE. It focuses on activities for young people 11+ although some of them can be adapted. It is divided into chapters and each chapter explores a key theme in RSE: Creating safer spaces, Relationships, Gender and Sexual Equality, Bodies, Sex and Sexual Health and Concluding the Learning. Each chapter contains a range of activities that use different approaches but are all based on the key principles that we outline in the introduction.

There are lots of creative activities using pipe cleaners, paper plates, jars, wool and other craft materials; there are lots of activities that integrate play using Duplo, Jenga, and balloons; and there are those that involve guided group discussion and individual reflection. We encourage educators to try out using movement to learn about the body, handshakes to learn about consent and as a warm-up and also evaluation activities.

The book is underpinned by best practice and up-to-date research from around the world. We hope it will help educators to provide fun, challenging, and critical ways to address key contemporary issues and debates in RSE. You can read our ‘blurb’ below and try one of our activities Duplo Relationships Bridges.

Please try it and adapt the activities to suit the contexts that work in and the young people that you work with. We’d love to know how you get on so please get in touch via twitter @alicehoylePSHE and @estermcgeeney

This book offers:

  • Session ideas that can be adapted to support you to be creative and innovative in your approach and that allow you to respond to the needs of the young people that you work with.
  • Learning aims, time needed for delivery, suggested age groups to work with and instructions on how to deliver each activity, as well as helpful tips and key points for educators to consider in each chapter.
  • Activities to help create safe and inclusive spaces for delivering RSE and involve young people in curriculum design.
  • A chapter on ‘concluding the learning’ with ideas on how to involve young people in evaluating and reflecting on the curriculum and assessing their learning.
  • A list of recommended resources, websites, online training courses and links providing further information about RSE.

Currently available on Amazon or Routledge (On Routledge use code BSE19 to get 20% discount)


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