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Why Teachers Should Use Tarsia Puzzles In The Classroom And Online

Over the years educators have studied the many benefits of puzzles on learning. From how it enhances brainpower to improving learners' concentration. Puzzles are a helpful resource.

Many teachers have started using puzzles for teaching including tarsia puzzles. But how much do you know of tarsia puzzles? Why should you even bother using them to teach topics in your subject area?

Formulator tarsia also called tarsia puzzles are a jigsaw or domino activity form of puzzle that students have to solve. In a tarsia puzzle, each piece has a question or answer in it. As students match the pieces together correctly, answers to questions are revealed. Each triangular piece fits into another, creating a perfect hexagonal shape.

Puzzles can be digital and are not just for mathematics!

The tarsia software was created for teaching mathematics and has been used in U.K schools but has also become an effective method in teaching other subjects. Teachers can personalize and integrate the use of the puzzle into their lessons specific objective, create lesson content and generate resources for their class.

In this time where virtual teaching is taking centre stage in education teachers are also thinking of effective ways to use instructional materials when teaching online. The good news is, a tarsia puzzle can be used in a digital format or printed out, cut, and shared with students in a physical class. As a teacher, you can make customized tarsia puzzle content in topics you want to teach and share the digital version with your students during an online class.

Puzzles can be printed, cut and put together by hand

One effective way of getting your students fully involved during distance learning is to provide a completed puzzle and a blank template with your students and have them build their triangular tarsia. They will drag matching pairs of questions and answers to the blank triangular template you provided. Then they can submit it as a class activity or homework.

Benefits of using tarsia puzzle to teach topics

The gains of integrating puzzles in your teaching are limitless.

Formulator tarsia offers valuable importance to the teacher and learners alike.

The following are some of the benefits of using tarsia puzzle for teaching

  • Using tarsia puzzle will boost your students understanding level of concepts being taught
  • It encourages active learning and students full participation during lessons- in class or online
  • It encourages collaborative learning during lessons
  • Students gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills when they are taught with tarsia. Because they have to brainstorm possible solutions to the question
  • Concentration and focus skill is developed in the learners as they use tarsia puzzles. Because they become engrossed in the activity trying to match the correct pieces.

The amount of resources teachers can access and the range of topics that can be covered with the use of tarsia puzzles is overwhelming.

Whether science, language, physical education or history, teachers can practically create puzzle themes on any concept they choose. For example, when teaching skeletal systems, or Algebra and numbers concepts in math, topics can be created with tarsia puzzles with questions and the answers in it to make the lessons easy and enjoyable for students.

Students’ knowledge of the subject matter can also be tested with the activities created in the puzzle.

Time to tarsia

A research on the effect of puzzles on the process of students learning in August 2016 by L. T. Cardozo noted that ‘Educational games increase students’ interest in the topic being studied and develop their problem-solving and teamwork skills’.

Formulator tarsia is an educational puzzle that makes learning fun and engaging. It allows teachers the opportunity to design their puzzle with subject content. And build learning aid based on their instructional objective.

For this reason, Cre8tive has put efforts to make teaching so much easier by helping teachers create content in a wide array of topics covering different subject areas.

Educators need resources to make teaching time easy and to ensure everyone is carried along during lessons. But it can be quite daunting to finish up the class and still find time to scout for materials that will make teaching and learning engaging.

At Cre8tive Resources we are aware of this and have taken the burden off you by using research and demand of what is needed to help today learners learn effectively, to create materials that are the perfect teaching aid you need. From print to digital version instructional materials, our top ratings/reviews are a testimony of the quality teaching resources we provide.

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